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Ed Muir Associates is led by Ed Muir, a highly effective business leader, especially in organizations engaged in transitional situations. His experience as a CEO ranges from publicly held, mid-size, multi-national corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups including those which have advanced to the venture financing stage. 

In each of these roles, he has relied upon the same successful approach - one that is people-focused, straight forward and honest. Ed brings this same approach to his consulting clients. He relies on insights gained from a keen understanding of leadership and its impact on organizational dynamics with an uncanny ability to listen to people and ascertain core issues, and then communicate them in a way that is easily understood and actionable. 

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Ed Muir Associates provides organizations and their Boards of Directors with proven business leadership. He has worked in a broad spectrum of industries; mostly manufacturing environments.

While no two assignments are exactly alike, common characteristics defining those Ed has successfully engaged in the past include: businesses undergoing transitions, such as the acquisition or divestiture of a business unit, the need for a change in leadership, a change in ownership, or a significant investment by an equity fund; organizations comprised of many high-caliber, qualified people who need direction and strong leadership to realize theirs' and the organization's potential; companies needing to develop a compelling strategic direction backed with decisive plans and the leadership to execute them; and owners primarily interested in and committed to the growth and development of their organizations. 

Ed has consistently received high ratings from the Boards of Directors governing those organizations with which he has been engaged. 

What We Do


Provide answers to the question "Now What?". Companies involved in signficant transitional shifts often ask "what do we do now?". It is at these moments that Ed Muir Associates has proven time and again its value in not only providing answers sensitive to the situation, but in prioritizing them for immediate action.

Through a process involving personal interviews and assessments, Ed Muir Associates takes off the blinders that so often handicap decision making and has proposed changes in key management teams to better align them with what the company needs to achieve its prioritized objectives.   

Develop and lead strategic planning sessions tailored to fit the client's situation with actionable tactical plans and mechanisms for follow-up to hold key managers accountable for results. 

With considerable experience at all levels of strategic acquisitions, especially for small to medium sized organizations on either side of the table, Ed Muir Associates has provided a range of services as needed by its clients to demystify the process and work closely and efficiently with the client's management team and other professional advisors to focus attention and get the deal done.    

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